Who am I

Hi, I’m Xia Luo(in English), I am an undergraduate majoring in computer science and technology at Hangzhou Dianzi University. I will graduate from the summer of 2019.

I love programming which I believe can change the world. I enjoy the feeling I click at the keyboard, when I solve one problem after another, I have a strong sense of accomplishment in mind. I’m interested in technology in many directions, such as Web FE/BE, 3D graphics, web safety, database, native Applications and so on. I’m devoted in Web development. I use several Programing language: JavaScript/Node.js, Haskell, C/C++ and Python, most of them is JavaScript/Node.js. I love Functional Programming style.

In my life, I love running, paingting, enjoying movies, traveling. I want to go to more places and see different sights.

Life is not only about code, poetry, love, delicacy, and distance

Concat me:

Email: laoqiren520@gmail.com || 780649403@qq.com

Github: https://github.com/laoqiren

I hope I can make a friend with you, and I need the chance for job.